Charm Bead

Charm Bead


Item specifications
:European bead - fits most popular charm bracelets
This piece is suitable for:
Little pieces of greenery and flower petals

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	Check your emails - you will automatically receive and email detailing how to post and pack the flowers, check your junk folder if you can't find it in your inbox.
	Send the flowers to me – include a note if you have any specific requests for how the flowers are displayed
  • Important Information

    By placing the order you are agreeing to understanding the below:

    • Some flowers change colour and shape as they dry. Your flowers may darken or change tone and they can shrink a little.
    • The treatment of flowers before they arrive to me can affect the results and previously invisible bruising can appear during the process
    • Flat pieces are designed to be viewed from the front – sometimes due to the size of the flowers the back of the piece is not as neat or smooth as the front.
    • The bases of spheres and similar are smoothed but still may be rough and contain small bubbles. These do not affect the piece and cannot be seen.
    • If you order thinner or smaller pieces but send big flowers, then the petals will be used rather than the whole head.
    • The photos of items are examples only. Every piece and every set of flowers is different, and I cannot guarantee results that match those, but I do my absolute best with the flowers provided.
    • Please expect bubbles and air pockets within your order. Flowers naturally trap air and I do my best to minimise this. I made every item by hand using real natural flowers so they will not look ‘perfect’ and machine made. This is part of the charm of a handmade memory piece and not a defect.
    • Items are made using flexible moulds. Sometimes a small amount of warping occurs during the curing process. Flower preservation pieces are custom personalised pieces and therefore are non-refundable. 
    • If you change your mind about your order and would like to change the shape etc then please pop me a message and this can be sorted for you.

    Please keep your resin pieces away from sunlight and chemicals (perfume, polishes, cleaning sprays, soaps etc). Resin can be wiped over with a slightly damp cloth if needed. Resin can scratch so keep it away from rough/sharp surfaces.

    **I process your flowers as soon as I receive them and then they are left drying until I am ready to work with them. My turnaround varies depending on demand and the season, but it is approximately 6 months. I work by order date turnaround times are not guaranteed. **

  • Flower Preservation

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