How do I go about getting my flowers preserved?

It's really simple! Just pop the order through for the items you'd like, send me your flowers (full instructions are sent within your order confirmation email) and I'll do the rest!

Do I need to order in advance?

No, but the turnaround time is worked out from the order date (rather than the event date) so ordering in advance means your finished pieces will be with you sooner!


We are happy to take orders after the occasion or whenever suits you. We begin drying your flowers as soon as they make it to us. Due to the complex process we use orders take between 10 and 12 months to complete.

How many flowers do I need to send?

I don't need the whole bouquet - so please divide it up as per the instruction in your order confirmation. I need enough to make the pieces you'd like, plus some spares. Each listing has dimensions included so you can work out what would fit best and how.

How long after the event can you work with my flowers?

Within a week is best, it can be flowers and weather dependant. As a general rule I can work with any flowers but the older the are the more likely they are to brown slightly.

How do I look after my flowers before I send them?

Please keep them in water and somewhere cool. If it is a tightly wound bouquet then please separate it - the flower heads are best not pressed against one another and this helps reduce bruising.

What is resin?

Resin is a polymer that forms the base of plastics/adhesives/varnishes etc. It has many uses - from flooring and worktops to jewellery and art! 

How long does a flower preservation piece last?

Hopefully a flower preservation piece will last for years and even decades - but this is not something that I can guarantee. Flowers are natural items with their own history, there are so many variables that are out of my control - the type of flowers, the age of the flowers, how they were grown, what they were treated with as they grew and wha t the florists who prepared them did with them etc,. The placement of an item in sunlight might also effect its lifespan. I will thoroughly dry your flowers and greenery to help their longevity and do everything my end to make your piece last as long as possible.

Are there any flowers that can't be preserved?

Different flowers react differently to both the drying process and the resin application. Most flowers work well.

The trickiest flowers are:

  • Exotic tropical/unusual flowers that are dense

  • Orchids

  • Lilies

Lilies and orchids can be dried but they often change colour and sometimes react with the resin. 

If your bouquet is entirely one type of flower or you are unsure please send me a message and we can talk it through.

Cancellations and Returns

Cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of the order being placed or at my discretion after this time.

If you have already sent me your flowers then any cancellation refund would be subject to a £20 deduction fee for the handling and sorting of the flowers or £25 if you'd like the flowers returning to you.

Returns and Refunds - Flower preservation pieces are all custom pieces and are therefore non-refundable. Should you have an issue with your pieces please pop me a message. Please be aware of the item details as flower preservation pieces will not be 'perfect' - they are handmade and using natural items therefore small imperfections are not considered faults.

Packaging and the environment

I do my best to use recyclable and recycled materials for my postage packaging. If your order comes with bubble wrap or any plastic padding then this is all packaging that I myself have received and am reusing. I do not purchase any plastic packing materials. It would be awesome if you could find a use for it too! 

Any unused packaging materials I receive with flower and supply deliveries is gifted to other local businesses for them to reuse.

I try and re-use packing boxes where I can and they are all recyclable, including the paper gum-based tape..

All flower preservation pieces are presented in gift boxes/cotton bags, these are logo free so that they can be re-used! The tissue paper, when used, is made from recycled materials and can be re-used or recycled.